Mission Statement

We hope and pray that St Saviour’s Church will be a flourishing and inclusive church that offers a variety of services and support for all ages, particularly to encourage younger families.
We aim and hope to play a pro-active role in our parish and local area, providing ministry, support to local parishioners, and a wide selection of social activities to improve and develop social cohesion.
We aim to develop strong links with other churches and local agencies such as libraries, Community Police, and Residents’ Associations.

Our vision is that St Saviour’s Church will be:

Welcoming – a church where all who attend feel that they are part of the Church Family who will be supportive when needed;

Committed – a church which understands and serves our local community, working with others to care, reflect and celebrate;

Thoughtful – a church that actively considers its role and relevance to both its current members and other people in the communities around us;

Growing – a church which attracts new members of all ages and nationalities, particularly younger people and families;

Confident – a church that respects and maintains our traditional worship practices whilst developing these to include new styles and expressions for all age family worship; and

Generous – a church that is able to fund new initiatives for both the Church and the community.



Mission Action Plan