We are a parish in Raynes Park South London under the Diocese of Southwark. We are grateful for your interest and invite you to learn more about our parish family.

Our main service is at 9.30am on Sundays and evening prayer at 4pm also on Sundays. Please have a look at Services Page for more details.

The Parish is now part of a United Benefice with All Saints' Church, South Wimbledon, (about two miles distance), with whom it shares its Parish Priest.  All Saints' Church is another Forward in Faith Parish under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham.  

With Father Michael's retirement, Saint Saviour's Church is now in inter-regnum. All enquires regarding church services, notice of banns and other church matters that Father Michael has dealt with during his tenure as Parish Priest must now be directed to church wardens whose contact details can be obtained here




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The church of St Saviour's Raynes Park thanked Father Michael for the twelve and a half years of wonderful service as Parish Priest after the Evensong service. Attendees of the service were ushered to the Church Hall for refreshments and drinks. Father Michael gave a moving speech about some of his experiences as Parish Priest. He also thanked everyone for the gifts that he and his family received as well as the support from many members of the church over the years.


Third Sunday of Easter

Praise the Lord!

10th April 2016

'Praise the Lord!' this is what we proclaim in the Hebrew 'Alleluia!' Alleluia is shorthand for the many hymns of praise in the Book of Psalms; Psalms that praise God for creation, salvation and all the blessings of life. Alleluia is the signature tune for the Christian life - which is a life founded on the understanding 'it is indeed right that we should at all times and in all places offer you thanks and praise!' It was St Augustine who famously proclaimed to the people of Hippo 'we are an Easter people and our song is Alleluia!' At this time, the world as he knew it was teetering on the brink - but still he said. 'we are an Easter people and we only have only one song'. So let 'Alleluia' be our prayer of waking and working, let it be said quietly at night, and may it be the last word on our lips. Alleluia!



Today we might consider the importance if the ritual of
pilgrimage. The pilgrim season is almost upon us. It will almost
be time to think about booking the coach to Walsingham. Some
of you may be travelling even further afield perhaps to Rome,
Fatima, the Holy Land of Lourdes. t doesn't matter where you
go on pilgrimage. It may be very close to you. What matters is
the way in which you make the journey. Each pilgrim journey
should begin with a blessing. A priest can do this or you could
mark yourself with holy water. Then you might pray for the
journey that it will be a save one. Each pilgrimage should have
a prayer intention. So you might pray along the way for a
particular person or situation. As you journey you may wish to
do certain devotions such as the rosary or Jesus Prayer. When
you have reached your destination you should give thanks for
the journey and offer it up to God. Each place of pilgrimage has
its own special charisma and way of doing things so do join in
with that. Ideally on a pilgrimage you will have time for prayer,
the opportunity to go to Mass and also to make your Confession.
In this Year of Mercy use your pilgrimage be it a long or short
one to think about the mercy of God in your life.









The word of the Lord

Revelation 5.11-14

In this passage from Revelation we are given a glimpse of the future: the world after God's plan is brought to fulfilment 'on earth as it is in heaven.' John sees the whole of creation engaged in worship. He is shown that worship is not an escape, but is the environment in which we are most truly ourselves. John draws our attention to the volume of the singing, and the importance of a confident Amen: two aspects of heavenly worship that we can emulate in church here and now. In many ways, John's vision is much like those of Ezekiel, Isaiah and Daniel years before. There is an important difference however: right at the centre of worship, John sees the lamb. The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, delivered us from sin and death on the Cross. When, at Mass, the Priest holds before us the Host and says 'Behold, the Lamb of God,' we are as close as in this life we can be to the heavenly worship seen by John.




Saint of the Week

St Martin the First, Pope,

13th April

Pope St Martin, elected in 649, was a martyr who died in exile for the crime of defending orthodoxy concerning the nature of Christ. A popular heresy of his time - monotheism - asserted that Christ lacked a human will, and had only a divine one instead. Martin, and many others, realised that this diminished the fullnes of Christ's humanity, and so must certainly be a teaching inconsistent with Christian theology. A mighty argument arose, with Martin stating: "The Lord commanded us to shun evil and do good, but not to reject the good with the evil'. The Emperor Constans, perhaps having a similar view of Ecclesiastical controversies to the modern British, issued a curious edict forbidding discussion of the 'will of Christ'. Because it condemned both he and his enemies to silence, Constans was censured by Pope Martin, and arrested and exiled for doing so. Today we commemorate a martyr who lost his life for Christian truth, even if the imperial powers weren't prepared to face it.

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St Saviour’s Church Hall
Grand Drive, Raynes Park SW20 9DG

Function room suitable for Play Groups, Social Occasions, Meetings. Children’s Parties

Available for Hire

A Parish hall with seating and tables for 60 people
Use of Kitchen. One off Bookings £20 per hour
Long term bookings £17.50

Upper Room with seating for 30
One off Bookings £15 per hour
£12 for long term bookings

Call 0208 540 2493 for more information


May Fair 2015 Sponsors

St Saviour’s Church is grateful to the following companies and individuals who kindly sponsored the May Fair by providing goods or vouchers:

Arumi, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Elegance Dry Cleaners, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Elys, Wimbledon
Esquire – The Barber Shop – Station Approach, Raynes Park
Hobbledown Ltd, Horton Road, Epsom
Just Keys & Cobblers, Station Approach, Raynes Park
Lime & Thyme, 56 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
Station Flowers, Raynes Park Station Concourse
The Olive Garden, Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
The Whistle Stop, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Tudor Williams Limited, New Malden
Webster & Derby Estate Agents, Kingston Road, Raynes Park

Please give them your support.

Christingle Service on the 29th of November 2015, click here for pictures.

Games Night 2015, click here


First Holy Communion May 2014, for more pictures of the night click here


Burns Supper 2012, for more pictures of the night click here

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