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The Parish is now part of a United Benefice with All Saints' Church, South Wimbledon, (about two miles distance), with whom it shares its Parish Priest.  All Saints' Church is another Forward in Faith Parish under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham



9th November 2014

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica 3rd Sunday before Advent

Church Buildings

The 'Dedication of the Lateran' has its own day in the calendar of the Western Church. This celebration remembers the dedication of St. John Lateran (Lateran is now a district of Rome) early in the fourth century. Only the shape of the original shurch remains although the Baptistry is very much the same as in Constantine's time. It has the added significance of being the Cathedral Church of the Bishop of Rome.

This feast of Dedication is a cause to reflect on the importance of church buildings. Until the conversion of Constantine Churches were largely found in houses, or extended houses. With the 'liberation' of Christianity, Churches became public buildings and open to all rather than the centre of a closed community. The dedication of the Lateran is a reminder of the gift of religious freedom and the challenges and possibilites given to Christians of being in the public 'forum'.

St John Lateran and its Baptistry set the tone and example for other church buildings. It is a statement of confidence in the Gospel and an expression of devotion and praise in art and architecture: reworking creation in praise of its creator. Church buildings often seem an inconvenient burden to Christian life. He Dedication of the Lateran reminds us that our life together is not a private one but a public one, and that the building itself can be a witness to Christ.




It is by the favour of Christ that we are celebrating
the birthday of this Church, this temple, with such
great happiness; and yet it is we who have to become
the real, living temples of god. It is true instinct
that leads Christians to make a great festival for their
mother Church for it shows they realise that their
spiritual rebirth comes to them through her.
Sermon of St Cesarius of Arles


The word of the Lord

Ezekiel 47.1-2, 8-9, 12

For the ancient Jewish peoples, the temple represented the most significant place on earth: the place of meeting between God and man. This was the spot for all legitimate sacrifice. Perched on a hill above a spring, the temples was critically located near a fresh water source - a source of life, cleansing and renewal. Not far beyond the immediate environs of the temple was desert, leading to Dead Sea.

Like the spring flowing from the temple in Ezekiel's vision, the love and mercy of God flows out to his people. Unlike the overpowering salt water of the Dead Sea, though, the water of life which emanates from the Lord has the ability to cleanse even the most corrupt. When we consider the importance of the "sacred space" represented by our church buildings, we must never forget that, like the temple seen by Ezekiel, our churches are a source of God's love which flows, and cleanses, far beyond their four walls.




Week beginnings 9th November - S. Albert the Great (15th Nov)


Albert was the eldest son of a powerful and wealthy German Lord of military rank. Despite fierce family opposition, he entered the Dominican novitiate.
Albert's attempt to understand Aristotle's writings established the climate in which Thomas Aquinas developed his fusion of Greek wisdom and Christian theology. But Alber deserves recognition on his own merits as a curious, honest and diligent scholar.
Albert had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of topics such as logic, theology, botany, geography, astronomy, minerology, zoology, physiology, justice and law.
"Our intention," he said, "is to make all the afore-said parts of knowledge inteligble to the Latins."
He achieved his goal, teaching at Paris and Cologne, as Dominican provincial, and even as Bishop of Regensburg for a short time, and he preached the Crusade in Germany and Bohemia.
Albert is frequently mentioned by Dante, who made his doctrine of free will the basis of his ethical system. In his Divine Comedy, Albert is placed with his former pupil Thomas Aquinas among the great lovers of wisdom in the Heaven of the Sun.


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May Fair 2014 Sponsors

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First Holy Communion May 2014, for more pictures of the night click here


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