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Our main service is at 9.30am on Sundays and evening prayer at 4pm also on Sundays. Please have a look at Services Page for more details.

The Parish is now part of a United Benefice with All Saints' Church, South Wimbledon, (about two miles distance), with whom it shares its Parish Priest.  All Saints' Church is another Forward in Faith Parish under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham



24th August 2014

21st in Ordinary Time - 10th After Trinity


At this time of year it can very easily seem that everyone is away - especially at the end of August. Holiday season is always a quiet time and a time for people who are away to relax and recharge their batteries. It is an opportunity to remove some of the distractions of every day life and see the things that are perhaps more important. For many this means spending time with family and friends, or visiting places one has never been to before. It is an opportunity for us to appreciate the wonders of creation and the very many gifts that God has given to us. The word vacation has roots in Latin and means to literally empty. So this a time for us to empty our lives of the things that do not matter.

Of course this does not mean emptying our lives of God! It can be all to easy to decide not to go to church when we are in holiday. Alas, Sundays do not cease to be Sundays if we are somewhere else. Part of taking the time away is realising that we need refreshment, and part of that refreshment is spiritual.




Dear Lord, how we have waited for this holiday, and
now it is finally here. Thank You, Lord, for the
opportunity to take a break from our daily routines
and to replenish our minds, bodies and souls so they
may better serve you. Help us not to worry about
having the 'perfect' holiday but to relax and enjoy
every moment, whatever it may bring. We are
faithful for the joys that await us - whether they be the
beauty of your creation, recreation with family or
friends, or peace and solitude. Watch over us and
protect us as we travel, and brings us safely home
again-refreshed and renewed. Amen.


The word of the Lord

Matthew 16.13-20

Simon Peter is probably one of the most infuriating characters in scripture. Half the time he seems to understand with great clarity, and the other half it all as if he had no idea at all. Of course the truth is he is very like us in our faith. We have moments of absolute belief and clarity, and then at other times we struggle through, doing our best, but often failing to understand. In this Gospel we see Simon Peter in one of his moments of complete clarity. Jesus asked who people are saying that he is. The question is not who he is, but what are people saying about him. St Peter respnds with extraordinary clarity, he is not interested in who people think Jesus is, but rather who he really is. He is able to respond simply that he is Christ, the Son of the living God. For his ability to see so clearly, despite his faults, Peter is entrusted with the keys of the Kingdom. It is an example to us of what trust might be placed in us if we simply believe.




Saint of the Week

Saint Monica, 27th August

On the 28th of August, we celebrate a giant of the christian faith, St Augustine. The cChurch and its theology is almost inconceivable without the contribution that St Augustine made. However, this would have been unthinkable had it not been for his devoted mother, St Monica. We know little of her early life but we do know she married Patricius, a pagan. She was to have three children who survived childhood. One on occasion, when very ill, Monica made her husband agree that Augustine should be baptised. However, he was to recover and Patricius removed his permission. Monica was to spend many years frustrated and upset at Augustine's lifestyle and mispent youth. Guided by a vision she never gave up on Augustine and eventually she travelled to Rome where she met St Ambrose. It was, in part through him, that Augustine was baptised. Without St Monica's prayers and determination who knows what might have come of St Augustine.


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St Saviour’s Church Hall
Grand Drive, Raynes Park SW20 9DG

Function room suitable for Play Groups, Social Occasions, Meetings. Children’s Parties

Available for Hire

A Parish hall with seating and tables for 70 people
Use of Kitchen. One off Bookings £20 per hour,

Upper Room with seating for 45
£15 per hour


May Fair 2014 Sponsors

St Saviour’s Church is grateful to the following companies and individuals who kindly sponsored the May Fair by providing goods or vouchers:

Arumi, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Barkers Chemist, 16 Lambton Road, Raynes Park
Elegance Dry Cleaners, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Elys of Wimbledon
Esquire – The Barber Shop – Station Approach, Raynes Park
Just Keys & Cobblers, Station Approach, Raynes Park
Lime & Thyme, 56 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
N&K Threshers Wines, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Station Flowers, Raynes Park Station Concourse
The Edward Rayne, Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
The Olive Garden, Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
The Whistle Stop, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Tudor Williams Limited, New Malden
Webster & Derby Estate Agents, Kingston Road, Raynes Park

Please give them your support.


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Burns Supper 2012, for more pictures of the night click here

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