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Our main service is at 9.30am on Sundays and evening prayer at 4pm also on Sundays. Please have a look at Services Page for more details.

The Parish is now part of a United Benefice with All Saints' Church, South Wimbledon, (about two miles distance), with whom it shares its Parish Priest.  All Saints' Church is another Forward in Faith Parish under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham



15th January 2015

Baptism of Christ

Baptism of Christ

"Then Jesus came from Gallilee to John at the Jordan, to be baptised by him" (Matthew 3.13). The Baptism of Jesus by John marked the beginning of Christ's public ministry. John is initially reluctant to baptise Jesus - knowing him to be the Christ, sinless and in no need of this ritual cleansing from sin. But Jesus insists, knowing that the example he sets is one which all need to follow in order to be brought int othe saving power of God, the voice of whom comes from heaven revealing to all that 'this is my Son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased'. There is only one condition for membership of the Church and that is to be baptised after the example of Jesus himself, who was baptised so that we too might know the saving effects of this sacrament as full members of His Church.




Flee from self-love, the mother of malice, which is an
irrational love for the body. For from it are born the
three chief sinful passions: gluttony, avarice and vain-
glory, which take their causes from bodily needs, and
from them all the tribe of the passion is born. This is
why we must always oppose self-love and fight against
it. Whoever rejects self-love will easily conquer all the
other passions with the help of God: anger, despondency,
rancour and all others. But whoever is retained by self-
love will even unwillingly be conquered by the above
-named passions.

St Maximus the Confessor, Chapters on Love, 2.59,8


The word of the Lord

Isaiah 55.1-11

Water is esentiall to our exitence. We are made up of water, and water must be recieved to nourish and enable our bodies. Water cleanses and brings life to the earth, allowing the fruits of creation to grow. For the people to whom Isaiah is speaking in our first reading, like many people in the world today, fresh and usable water was not always a given and was, therefore, a very valuable commodity.

And so the words of Isaiah must have carried a great resonance. This spring of water promised of God would flow in abundance for all peoples. There would be no fighting for water sources, as the people had been forced to do in centuries past, as every nation could experience the benefit of the divine source. This promise would come to its fulfilment in Baptism - the life-giving waters which cleanse, refresh and are available to all who seek them.




St. Anthony of Egypt (17th January)


Anthony (c.251-356), the father of monasticism lived when the persecution of Christians by the Romans was waning. Instead of martyrdom, Christians were going to live in the desert to escape the world. Aged 18, after the death of his wealthy parents, Anthony was struck by Jesus' saying: 'If you wish to be perfect, go sell your possessions and give the money to the poor.. then come follow me.' Having sold everything, he became a disciple to a hermit, but left him soon afterwards to retire further into the desert. After twenty years he reappeared to found some of the first monasteries: collections of hermits living under one common rule.
As Athanasius' "Life of St. Anthony' became a very popular book in medieval monasteries and Anthony's letters also survive, containing much spiritual teaching. Because of his solitude, Anthony realised that the relationships with others are vital to our spiritual life, as did all other monastic leaders of later centuries; and also that we retreat from the world to engage with it better: in the most crucial theological dispute of his day, Anthony supported Athanasius against the followers of Arius, who maintained the error that Jesus was not fully divine. Even in the wilderness, disciples visited Anthony for his insights, later included in collections of 'Sayings of the Desert Fathers'. Above all, though his pattern of was severe, Anthony taught charity and compassion, and was gentle in applying his strict principles. We Catholic Anglicans can learn from him, as we seek to engage honestly but lovingly with those in our church with whom we profoundly disagree. Anthony wrote: 'If we gain our brother, we gain Christ; but if we scandalise our neighbour we sin against Christ.'


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May Fair 2014 Sponsors

St Saviour’s Church is grateful to the following companies and individuals who kindly sponsored the May Fair by providing goods or vouchers:

Arumi, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Barkers Chemist, 16 Lambton Road, Raynes Park
Elegance Dry Cleaners, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Elys of Wimbledon
Esquire – The Barber Shop – Station Approach, Raynes Park
Just Keys & Cobblers, Station Approach, Raynes Park
Lime & Thyme, 56 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
N&K Threshers Wines, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Station Flowers, Raynes Park Station Concourse
The Edward Rayne, Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
The Olive Garden, Coombe Lane, Raynes Park
The Whistle Stop, Approach Road, Raynes Park
Tudor Williams Limited, New Malden
Webster & Derby Estate Agents, Kingston Road, Raynes Park

Please give them your support.


First Holy Communion May 2014, for more pictures of the night click here


Burns Supper 2012, for more pictures of the night click here

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